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Store Hours: Mon - Fri : 9 am to 1 pm | (360)676-6626
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Screen Printing for Businesses

Custom Apparel Printing For Your Business

As you already know...printed apparel is a great way for you and your employees to appear professional. On top of that, it's a fantastic way to get your company name out wherever the garment goes.

As you're ready to reap the benefits of custom printed apparel. Boost in your professional appearance and promotion will surely result in more business prosperity and success.

If you're looking for bulk quantity or just 1 item...we have a solution that will fit your requirement. Read below to find out more.






Here's How To Get Your Logo Printed On Garments...That'll Catch Your Customer's Eye

Here at Bellingham Embroidery (TEECREATIONS LLC), you get two printing options:

  1. Screen Printing
  2. Digital Printing

You might have heard about screen printing might be new to you.

By reading'll know which method makes the most sense for you and your business.

Screen Printing vs Digital Printing

Before we get to the differences between the two. It's important to know that both forms of printing produce durable and wash friendly prints. Whichever you end up assured the item will last long time.

The most prominent difference between the two comes in terms of "quantity" and "number of ink colors".

Screen printing involves setting up screens based on number of ink colors. 1 color logo means at least 1 screen. 3 color logo means at least 3 on and so forth. Therefore screen printing always has a minimum quantity. Ours is 15 pcs. You can also mix and match items eg. 8 tees and 7 sweatshirts etc depending upon the quantity you need.

Whereas, digital printing has no minimum. You can do 1 item, or couple dozen. Since we're not using screens, instead printing directly onto garment using a machine...we can print a multi-color logo without any big price difference.

Below Is A Chart That Walk You Through Both Screen Printing & Digital Printing
And Help You Make The Right Decision


Printing Method

Screen Printing

Digital Printing
Minimum Quantity
No. of Ink Colors
Upto 6
Type of Ink
Plastisol & Waterbased
Free Setup
Works On
Cotton | Poly-Cotton | Polyester | Nylon
100% Cotton

Vector Files (.ai, .eps, .cdr)
Image Files 
(.psd, .png, .jpg)

Vector Files (.ai, .eps, .cdr)
Image Files (.psd, .png, .jpg)
5-10 Days
1-5 Days


*Plastisol inks used in screen printing are definitely more resilient. Although waterbased inks produce more smoother prints as compared to plastisol.

*We also offer Discharge printing, which only works on 100% cotton, certain brands only. In this process, dye of the t-shirt is knocked out and replaced with the color. Therefore, ink becomes the part of the fabric instead of laying on top. Thus producing the softest of all prints This is most commonly used in fashion industry.