Store Hours: Mon - Fri : 9 am to 1 pm | (360)676-6626
Store Hours: Mon - Fri : 9 am to 1 pm | (360)676-6626
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Bellingham Embroidery - A Custom Embroidery Shop for Professional, Low Cost, Quick Embroidery Service. Without Any Minimums.

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Are you looking for a embroidered gift? Or do you want your company logo embroidered?
If you answered "Yes". Then read the following paragraphs for more information. Plus they'll walk you through on, how to quickly and easily get your embroidery project started.

Looking for a Gift?

Finding gifts can be hard. Time consuming. And exhausting. Not to mention all the choices and options you have to choose from.
But a quick trip to Bellingham Embroidery can save you time. And all that walking through the mall, looking for a good gift.
Here, we will craft you a unique gift. Completely customized. A gift that not only looks good but also has a special meaning. A gift that also shows your thoughtfulness. And earns you the appreciation for time and effort you took to get it made.
Don't be surprised when you hear things like - Thanks alot, I've always wanted this. Or this is so cool, Thank you, Thank you so much.
Just read the "Six steps to your Embroidered Item" below. And find out what you need to do to get your embroidery project started.

Need your Business Logo Embroidered?

Embroidered Logo, you see it on the crew, when you walk into an Airplane. You see it on all the employees, when you walk into the Mcdonalds. You see it on Fedex guy, when he delivers your package.
Walk into any successful company. Chances are you'll spot the company logo on the left chest of all the employees.
And probably you already know why all the successful companies do this. To promote professional image. Hence boost customer confidence.
Take advantage of this now. And use your logo to compliment you professional image. Read down below, how easily and quickly you can do this. In just six easy steps.

Six Quick and Easy Steps to Embroidery:

  • Step1: Choose the item you want Embroidered.
View our Catalog. And see all the items you can get your logo embroidered on. All those items are name brands that you are already familiar with. And probably have experienced the quality they provide. There are over 2200 different items. We're sure you'll find the right item that fits your style and budget.
You are not required to purchase the blank items from us. You are welcome to bring your own items. Whatever you bring, we'll check to make sure it's good for embroidery. So you get beautiful looking embroidery, no matter what the item is.
  • Step2: Tell us what you want embroidered? Text or Logo?
If you want text embroidered, you have option to choose from 55 appealing fonts. This ensures you get the style you like. And embroidery turns out the way you imagined it.
Are you getting a logo embroidered? Then just email or bring your logo in whichever format you have. Example jpeg, pdf, psd, eps or ai etc. There's one time fee for converting your logo into a stitch file. This process is called Digitization. It may cost anywhere from $15-$40 depending on the work involved. Once we have a that logo on file, there won't be any artwork fees for future projects.
  • Step3: Pick out the colors.
After second step, just pick the colors that you want for your embroidery. We've got majority of colors and each color is available in many shades. So you can pick the one that matches your logo the best.
We use polyester threads. They are colorfast and bleach resistant. This ensures your embroidery looks as good as a new one. Even after many many washes.
  • Step4: Review the Design.
If you're getting text embroidered, we'll show you on computer how embroidery will look like. So you get embroidery the way you want it.
If you're getting a logo embrodered, we'll make a sample. Make any tweaks in size or design, if you want us to.
Once you approve it, we'll go ahead and get machine working on your order.
  • Step5: Submit your order.
  • Step6: Come pick it up.
Most of the text embroideries are done same day or next day. No need to wait days or even weeks before you get your item.
Most of the logo embroideries are done in 3-5 business days. Please call us @(360) 676-6626 to know the exact time for your project.
That's all there is to Embroidery. If you need more information or have a question, then contact us. Or fill out the Quote form and we'll get back to you with a really good deal.